Marketing and Digital Advertising Convergence Increases: Report

Marketing and digital advertising teams are increasingly sharing budgets, tech purchases and responsibilities, according to a new report from Salesforce. Sixty-two percent of the organizations surveyed said they currently share brand and/or creative teams, while another 31 percent say they have plans to move in this direction. Sixty-one percent currently collaborate on the evaluation or purchase of new technology, and 59 percent share a common budget.

How To Spot Un-Authentic Influencer Content

With the focus on influencers and the proliferation of sponsored content, authenticity has never been more important. All too often the focus is on micro versus power middle influencer selections, the number of followers, or the reach of individual influencers. However, one of the most critical aspects of influencer selection is authenticity.

DomainInformer : 5 ways local SEO can help you grow your business – Domain informer

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DomainInformer : 5 ways local SEO can help you grow your business Domain informer Local SEO is an effective way to get customers to your business. It helps you promote your business to local customers when they need it. Millions of customers use local search to locate businesses, products and services in their ..

Dr Pepper’s Massive Playbook for its CFP Sponsorship

Editor’s Note: This is one article is an extensive series of Q&A’s with leading marketers about their sports marketing initiatives. Just hours before Alabama hoisted the College Football Playoff (CFP) National Championship Trophy presented by Dr Pepper on Monday night, Dr Pepper secured a victory of its own around the game.