Does SEO really work or is it all just a fraud?

Yes, SEO really does work and, yes, fraud is rampant in the SEO arena. The fraud exists in the $200 to $500 monthly payment niche. The reason the fraud is there is very simple.

Far too many small business have no real idea what SEO really is and what a page 1 ranking on Google can mean for their business. As a result, human nature says that which we do not understand has little to no value. Companies are willing to risk $200 to $500 monthly for 4 to 6 months to try it out. As a result, there are a great many companies on the Internet that will be happy to take your money for 4 to 6 months and deliver no results.

The other thing that makes no sense to us are the SEO “experts” that tell people if anyone promises you a page 1 ranking on Google, run away. Really? What business are they in then, getting page 2 results? The fact is that almost nobody ever looks at page 2 of Google.

We think clarity is the right way and a completely “zero risk” offer is the best. Our clients pay NOTHING until ALL the keywords they ordered (10, 30 or 50 keywords) are ALL on page 1 of Google and can be verified.

If our SEO services did not work, we’d be crazy to offer this, but 100% of our clients get on page 1 of Google 100% of the time, and in weeks, not months. If we don’t perform as advertised, save your money and don’t pay us.

Can I be on page 1 of Google in every city for my keywords?

That’s a wonderful goal; but unfortunately, it will never happen all at once. There are several reasons for that:

  1. Google is now geo-oriented. Google knows where you are when you search and knows that people prefer to buy locally rather than nationally. Therefore, Google shows you search results for local businesses first and then fills it with other rankings. So, if you’re not specifically trying to rank for one city, e.g. “red widgets Chicago”, you’re not likely to be found on page 1 of Google.
  2. Google appears to prefer domains with some age on them. Most likely this is because Google has experience with the web page, knows the quality of the page content and how often the content is updated. A new domain can’t offer that. Google is reluctant to replace known domains with unknown domains UNTIL our proprietary SEKR technology makes it so desirable that Google treats it with priority. We have the expertise to rank keywords that others cannot.
  3. Web page competition for a single keyword is a big consideration for everyone except us. When the number of competing web pages is huge, it’s a lot harder for other SEO companies to replace a keyword ranking on page 1. This is why they pursue “low hanging fruit” (keywords with 40,000 competing web pages or less). Unfortunately for their customers, low competition keywords also have low traffic. Because of our proprietary SEKR technology, we can get page 1 rankings for keywords with millions of competing web pages in less than 1 week.

The way to do that today is to plan on marketing in the top US cities, in descending order of population, e.g. New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. When you are making money in one city, add another city and so on. 

Do you really have a service that costs me NOTHING until I’m on page 1 of Google?

Yes. Our Premium Account Services will place 10, 30 or 50 keywords (depending on your order) on page 1 of Google and SHOW YOU those page 1 rankings before you pay a penny. In fact, the page that shows you all your rankings has a link at the bottom to start your subscription.

Who else not only GUARANTEES 10, 30 or 50 keywords on page 1 of Google, but also puts them there BEFORE you pay anything? Nobody. So, why are you still reading this when you should be filling out our Order Form

Will your services get me new customers?

We send you traffic; your Website converts the traffic to customers. We do NOT make ANY changes to your Web pages because that is completely unnecessary.

If you had 5 billboards on a local interstate highway in your area, how many new customers would the billboard company guarantee you? None, because getting customers is not what they do. Brand awareness is their business.

If you ran commercials on cable TV night and day in your area, how many new customers would the cable TV company guarantee you? None, because getting customers is not what they do. Brand awareness is their business.

If you ran a full page ad in the local newspapers, how many new customers would the newspaper company guarantee you? None, because getting customers is not what they do. Brand awareness is their business.

If you ran ads in magazines advertising in your area, how many new customers would the magazine publisher guarantee you? None, because getting customers is not what they do. Brand awareness is their business.

If you ran ads on radio stations in your area, how many new customers would the radio station guarantee you? None, because getting customers is not what they do. Brand awareness is their business.

Nobody EVER holds these business responsible for getting new customers in the door.

Even better, how many new customers does Google AdWords promise to get you? None. All they promise is that you will show up on on Google AdWords when it is your turn.

The aberration with the American business public is that Search Engine Ranking creates brand awareness and drives traffic to Websites, and they refuse to believe that. It is not designed to get new customers and never will get them, anymore than newspapers, billboards, magazines, TV, radio and Google AdWords will. Yet, they insist on clinging with a death grip to that belief and deny themselves the sales that they could have had.

When traffic is high and sales are non-existent, the problem is that the Website is unable to engage with visitors and convert them to customers. The Website content is the problem, not the search engine ranking process. 

Once I’m on page 1 of Google, why do I have to keep paying you?

Search Engine Keyword Ranking is advertising. When do you ever stop advertising?

If you stop your Search Engine Keyword Ranking (SEKR) efforts, you will begin losing Google ranking positions until you eventually slide off page 1 and move to page 2. Page 1 results get 92 percent of all traffic from the average search, with traffic dropping off by 95 percent for Page 2. At that point, you are effectively invisible to the online marketplace.

Continuing our SEKR services keeps you on page 1 and begins to generate multiple rankings for your business on the same Google search results page. 

What changes will you make to my website?

We are in the Search Engine Keyword Ranking business and not the website optimizing business. Therefore, we will not be making any changes to your website.

Sticking just the right keywords in just the right places in a Web page probably does nothing to improve your rankings on Google.

In the last year, Google made 400 changes to its ranking algorithm. Did your SEO person make 400 changes to your Website to keep you from losing rankings, if you had any? Think about that for a moment.

Since Google’s ranking algorithm constantly changes, relying on optimizing your web pages is not only an outdated technique to drive traffic, it is also a desperate attempt to catch up with Google updates. 

Other SEO companies say that anyone promising a page 1 ranking is lying. Are you lying?

No. We don’t PROMISE page 1 rankings, we DELIVER them. Our customers see all of the keywords they ordered on page 1 of Google BEFORE they pay one penny. That’s why we don’t need a guarantee at all. The only people who are lying are the SEO companies that use web page optimization and guarantee a page 1 ranking—because they can’t. Their solutions can fail at any time depending upon changes in Google algorithms. Our proprietary technology is immune to Google updates.


Will you sell your services to a local competitor of mine?

Absolutely not. We will only promote ONE business type in any city. So, if you are the first chiropractor in Chicago to sign up with us, we will not promote any other chiropractors in Chicago.

The reason is simple. If we are placing YOUR keywords at the top of Google, what could we possibly do for a competitor? Not much, and we do not want our clients battling it out with each other for top Google rankings.


My current SEO company subscribes to all of the Google Documents. Does this give them insider knowledge?

Matt Cutts and other Google employees periodically publish very good information on the web. However, you should not delude yourself. Spammers are very good readers too. The one thing Google is never going to publish is what you need to do to get on page 1 of their search engine.

They may tell you what Google likes to see in websites such as fresh content, informative content, easy to read and written for human consumption (not web spiders), etc. These efforts may make your website well liked by visitors and may get some word-of-mouth or link promotion from visitors; but unfortunately, this probably isn’t going to have a huge effect on your search engine ranking.

We are so confident in our SEKR services that your business will be ranking on page 1 of Google BEFORE you pay.


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