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Business entrepreneurs have learned that trying to rank high on search engine pages in America’s largest cities for a given keyword with a large number of competing websites is almost impossible.


In a great many cases, keyword competition is so intense that it could take many months, or even years to show results with other SEO companies. Then, of course, you must hope that Google doesn’t come up with an update that drops you off the page into oblivion.


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Since our Search Engine Keyword Results (SEKR) proprietary technology is immune to Google updates, our customers always enjoy ranking on page 1 of Google—not for just 1 keyword, but for 15, 30 or 50 keywords.


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One more thing you need to know … most SEO companies will not try to rank keywords when there are more than 40,000 competing websites. This is because with the obsolete technology they are using, it could take years to get page 1 rankings.


If you want to increase traffic to your business website, you must compete for very competitive keywords. We get the job done when no one else can, no matter how intense the competition.


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