The Rule Of 7 Gets More Sales!

Did you ever wonder why TV commercials repeat over and over and over? The Rule Of 7 is why that happens.

What Is The Rule Of 7?

The rule of 7 is a marketing rule. It says that a customer MUST see your message at least 7 times before they will become a customer, client or patient (depending on your type of business). 

Think about how you react the first time you see a marketing message from a business that you don’t know. Do you immediately call or visit the business to become a customer? Most likely, no. You must build up a level of trust before engaging with that new business that contacted you. The Rule Of 7 is how you build that trust.

Overcoming The Noise

People are bombarded all day, every day, with marketing messages, so tough luck getting attention for YOUR message. To get through the noise, you must keep repeating your message. People are resistant to marketing messages by nature.. If they weren’t, they’d become overwhelmed because of all the marketing noise. You need to get heard, so you must keep repeating your message until it gets heard.

Be There When They Need You

When someone receives a marketing message about a vacation resort, they may not be thinking about taking a vacation, so your message will be ignored. However, if they ARE contemplating where to go on vacation then your message will resonate with them. In marketing, there is a saying to grow a business; “find a need and fill it”. The Rule Of 7 is how you find that need.

Overcoming Price Objections

Any product you don’t perceive a need for or understand the value of is likely to trigger a “the price is too high” reaction  from the marketplace. by following The Rule Of 7, you allow the prospect to see the value in your product or service and overcome the objection.


You’re A Stranger

When people first run across your business, you are a stranger to them. Doing business with someone that you don’t know and trust doesn’t usually happen. By following The Rule Of 7, you establish that level of trust and make contact possible.

Websites And the Rule Of 7

Generally, people find out about your Website by searching for information.  The most common searching they do is with the Google search engine. A page 1 ranking on Google, along with a carefully written description in your Google entry will send visitors to your Website. If they like what they see there, they may even come back a second time to look the Website over again.

But what happens the SECOND time they return and everything looks EXACTLY like it did the first time? Why would they ever return again? After all, they’ve seen it all before. In that case, you have created your tombstone on the Web and violated The Rule Of 7.

How To Avoid Becoming A Tombstone On The Web

If you want to keep people returning to your Website and use The Rule Of 7 to your advantage, you must offer fresh content at least 2 to 3 times per week, because you never know how soon the first-time visitor may come back.

You could add new pages to your Website, but that can eventually, make your Website unwieldy and hard to navigate, which also drives people away. There is a much better way to add fresh content to your Website frequently.

Blogs Are Your Friend

Blogs allow you to post informative content frequently in the form of articles. Many blogs also offer archives that allow new visitors to read older blog posts. Because your Website continually offers fresh content, it causes visitors to want to return and see the latest articles you have posted.

Most of us are not writers and shiver at the thought of writing 2 to 3 new blog articles every week. We could hire someone from the Web to write the articles for us, but that can quickly add up to a significant investment.

Automate Your Blog Postings

If your Website happens to be a WordPress Website, you are in luck. There is a WordPress plugin that automatically makes blog posts for you on any frequency you choose. Our blog, for example, has 2-3 posts made every day, on autopilot.

Where does the content come from? From something known as an RSS feed, where people make articles they’ve written publicly available to anyone that would like to post them on their blog, There is,virtually, an unlimited amount of free content available for your WordPress blog.

Blog automation with WordPress is done using a WordPress plugin. The #1 blog automation product for WordPress is WP-Engine and you can find out more about WP-Engine HERE.

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