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There are three extremely important things you need for effective SEO with us:

  • Video


    We do NOT do video marketing because it has a very low success rate. We stream client videos LIVE, which is part of how we get top rankings quickly.


    When people do not know you or your business, first impressions count. If they see a high quality video, that reinforces the idea that you are a professional business worth considering.

    You can create videos by stringing images together with a music track, or use video animation. However, neither of these methods will create the image of quality and professionalism that you need to succeed.

    We recommend Terry Jordan at Jordan Media Production. Click the image below to visit the Website.






  • Web Design. 

You must, of course, have something to send the search engine traffic to. That something is a Website.

Almost everyone that comes to us has a Website, but in the event you need a Website or need your Website re-designed with a different touch or just want to talk with a Web designer that understands search engine marketing and the role your Website must play in it, we have a suggestion for you.





  • Copywriting

Your Website MUST engage with visitors to get them to take one of your Calls To Action (phone call, email, request appointment, etc.). If your Google Analytics Bounce Rate is over 50%, your Website is failing to engage with visitors and costing you business. That means you need copywriting help.

Kathleen Krueger is the Crafter of Words. Writing copy for business websites is her specialty. She understands how to capture your visitors’ attention instantly, engage them to read further and then move them to action. She works with website designers to bring effectiveness to their designs.

http://www.crafterofwords.com   218-838-0878




If you’re getting traffic to your Website and not making sales, there is NO problem with your SEO, but it is very likely that your Website is failing to engage with visitors and turn them into customers. You may benefit from having a copywriter look at your Website and give you some suggestions. http://www.wordsintodollarsbyreace