Keywords are words or phrases people use to search online. Ideally, your website and ads should reflect the same keywords to relate better to your potential customers.


Search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask) rank websites based on these keywords and position them on their results pages in a priority order. If your business cannot be found on page 1, your chance to attract a large number of prospects to your website is significantly lowered.


The competition is fierce for a page 1 ranking. There are hundreds of millions of websites and billions of keywords, but still only 10 positions on page 1. In addition, where you fall on page 1 also matters.


It is a fact that the #1 position on page 1 of Google gets the largest percentage of clicks, and the #10 position gets the least. The first 5 positions on page 1 of Google get 74% of the clicks to the page.


To make things worse, nobody really knows how Google decides what ranking any given web page will get. One thing we do know is that Google made over 400 changes to its ranking algorithm last year alone. We can assume there will be at least that many changes this year as well.




The fact is, the more keywords that your business has on page 1 of Google, the more visible your business becomes, which results in more traffic to your website. However, your existing keyword rankings are usually for keywords with 40,000 or less competing Web pages that have little to no traffic to begin with.

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Here at Tarpon Internet Marketing, we understand that organic search traffic is perhaps the most essential factor to determine your business’s ability to attract a large number of prospects to your website.


Our proprietary Search Engine Keyword Ranking (SEKR) technology gets the job done at record speed. Not only will we place you on page 1 of Google quickly, but we will keep you there since our technology is immune to Google updates. Can you image what would happen to your competition when you are dominating 15, 30 or 50 keywords on page 1 of Google?